2013. július 21., vasárnap

New Tumblr Policy

Hey, money makers.
The Tumblr(yahoo) updated their policy, they won't let adult blogs to live. The adult blogs won't be shown in search engines, and in tumblr search too. So don't go in that niche.
Try to focus on SFW tumblr niches, you can find it there: http://tumblr.com/explore

So there is a method, for people who earned a bit starter money.

Buy a nice domain, and hosting and install a Wordpress site on it. And drive traffic to it from tumblr.
Use adsense ads, and you will make much! Try to use more tumblr accounts, and Queue, the best if you get 1000-2000 traffic at minimum. With that you could earn money, really.

So get on that wave and make money with tumblr!

2013. július 3., szerda

Tumblr Money Making

So, how could we make money with tumblr blogs? So there are more ways.

Simple ads: Google Ads, Chikita

Just simply edit your site html (the google/chikita will give you a html code, paste this to the right html section [header probably])
From those, you will earn money when somebody click on your ad, or if you reach so many visitors a day, with an old blog you can earn great money, if you use your blog's html in the click-throught box, this will give you lot traffic.

Social Ads: Mylikes, Virulr, Buzzurl
They have ads for every nich, you can post to tumblr and twitter. The withdrawal rate is low (2$) so you can reach it fast, and you can earn money easily, but you must have a lot of clicks.

CPM (Impression ads)

Simply ads, but you will get money for traffic, easy way, just gather more traffic -> more money.

Advertise others site/blog
You won't get contact with any company, just with the other blogger/webmaster, it's great, nice money, but you can "use" this if you have enough followers, (probably 10k+)

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

2013. július 1., hétfő

Tumblr is a social network.

So, we have to face with rules, with the rules of the tumblr, and rules of the community.

Be social, they will like you.
So, be social, because you will get more attention, more followers, reblogs, you have more chances to earn some money. The best tumblr money makers I think, the real tumblerers, so there is a tip: hang some time on tumblr, and meet the circumstances, the community, and chose a niche. Chose a nich which you like, because you will like the money making, and willl be happy on tumblr.

Don't be agressive, use the ask.
Turn on the ask button, if they have some questions, answer that, because they will like you, you will be more natural, and get more visitors and fans. It's important.

Use relevant ads.
The advert company and the tumblr will like you, and then you will get more money, because the tumblerers will have more interest in relevant ads(things) so everybody will be happy.

Always be active.
Post pictures/posts every day, they will like you, you will get more traffic, and you will look more natural, use the queue, everybody using that. I will make a section where you can find programs to fill the queue with 300 pictures in seconds, with click-through, tags, descriptions too.

Tumblr Money Making 2. Which are the benefints of the tumblr?

So, let see, you are in a big community, you are feel good yourself, funny pictures, etc. But what is the benefits for the money makers?
Two important things for the tumblr money makers:

1. Reblog: On of the best thing in the online social sites, the share/reblog option, such a gold. You can get such followers, more page visits, more friends, or customers. You will be shown so much places, and you will be famous, if you get more.
But how can you earn reblogs? QUALITY. Really, Quality, tumblrers like interesting things, they will reblog that. All money makers should keep in mind that one word, Quality.

2. Followers: You will get more and more page visits, and you will earn more money, if you have more of them. Really not so more, just greater if you have more.

3. Click-Through link: The very best, who click on your images, will be redirected somewhere, and you can decide, which place should it be, but KEEP IN MIND, always be related, people don't like when they hope if find releated things, but if you redirect them some crappy content, or not really releated they will be angry, and will report and unfollow you, -> (be natural-> same content same redirect, and they won't notice that, you are try to make money)

4. Tags: Could be nice things, you will be shown in more places, more clicks, more visitors, more followers, not more, just simply enough

Tumblr Money Making

In the online money making sections, you can read many things about social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, but the Tumblr not mentioned so much as the others. I think every tumblerer want to make some money, not really big shots, just a bit pocket money. You can easily do that. But keep in mind, Tumblr is not for money, it is for entertain, don't rely on money so much, beacuse people visit tumblr just for fun.

1. Thing: Don't be spammy! Tumblr will kill you for that! Always keep the rules, don't spam, don't force to click on ads, be natural, many people use tumblr for money making, but some of them, do some faults, like spam, they always got banned instantly.

2. Don't use affilate links, forced Pop Ups, and Mobile redirect, for these things you will get banned.

3. Try to fight to keep your blog, If you got banned, try to ask the tumblr's support to unbann you - then you will be a good boy, won't make mistakes , etc. Be creative! Don't lose your work, always fight for it.

In the next article I will show you how can you make money, which type of methods, and ads.